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Find out how your donations of time, food, and funds have supported our mission at Edmonton's Food Bank.

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Our Annual Reports

The annual report is a snapshot of the impact we had over the course of the previous year. An impact made possible by the contribution of countless agencies, volunteers, donors and partners.

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Beyond Food

To ensure our programs are relevant, we conducted surveys with our clients. We learned some interesting and concerning information. Read our findings below.

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Financial Statements

In an effort to be transparent to our supporters and donors, please feel free to review our audited financial statements.

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Public Portion of Charity Return

You can view our most recent T3010 on the Canada Revenue Agency website.

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Gleanings Newsletter

Three times a year, we publish our newsletter to share a little more about our work. To sign up simply scroll to the link at the bottom of the page.

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Sharing the Harvest

We recognized the 20th anniversary of the Edmonton Gleaners Association in 2001. A friend of Edmonton's Food Bank, Kathryn Ivany, pulled together information about our history to share.

Our Humble Beginnings