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Every Plate Full Auction - Local Artists Helping Feed the Hungry

Posted on April 24, 2018

Every Plate Full Auction - Local Artists Helping Feed the Hungry Bid Now!

Hunger doesn’t take a holiday. While many in our city are planning camping trips and vacations this summer others are just trying to find a way to feed themselves and their families. No matter the season Edmonton’s Food Bank is here to help, but we can’t feed Edmonton without you, which is why we are having our Every Plate Full Online Auction

Nitasha Costa, one of the artists who donated time and talent for the auction, remembers when her family needed the Food Bank. “I remember as a small child having that worry and fear that nothing was going to get better. Some people can relate, as saddening as that may sound. But the fact that my parents were able to lean and rely on the Edmonton Food Bank gave me a sense that there are people out there that are willing to help complete strangers. As a small child, it gave me security knowing that there were people out there in my community that were able to spare the means to help those in need of food… It made me appreciate those that help even when they don’t have to.”

It was this experience that made her want to participate in the Every Plate Full Auction, “I wanted to support the Edmonton Food Bank because I believe the work they do give[s] many individuals and families the hope that they aren’t alone in the world. They don’t have to struggle in hard times and there is hope when things are going tough.”

The Every Plate Full Auction is an online fundraiser auctioning off plates and platters decorated by local artists like Nitasha. Edmonton’s Food Bank approached the local art community to help raise funds to feed those in need this summer. The auction is part of a national campaign to raise awareness of the thousands of Canadians facing hunger during the summer when donations decrease while need remains the same. The response from the local art community was amazing as over 25 local artists generously donated their time and talent to help by creating custom works of art for the Auction. Local business Crankpots Ceramic Studio donated over 15 large platters for the artists to turn their talents on.

Another artist Serena Webber also feels a strong connection to Edmonton’s Food Bank. “The Edmonton Food Bank has a special place in my heart because at one point when my husband and I were students we needed the Edmonton Food Bank to survive.” Serena joined other members of the Night of Artists at a plate painting blitz at Crankpots Ceramic Studio one evening in March. “As soon as the call went out and I heard it was to help the Edmonton Food Bank, I knew I had to help!”

To help combat summer hunger in our city, bid on these custom works of art in the Every Plate Full Online Auction May 28 – June 8, 2018 or donate online here.