Food Bank FRESH Alberta: Collaboration in Action!

Feb. 10, 2020
FB Fresh background

Food Bank FRESH Alberta is a collaborative pilot project with Calgary Food Bank, Edmonton’s Food Bank, Food Banks Alberta and Food Banks Canada to secure increased amounts of fresh, nutritious food for food bank recipients.

The last six months have revealed key focus areas to building long term fresh food partnerships for all of Alberta’s food banks. Extensive engagement with agricultural producers and their associations has deepened our understanding of agri-business within our province and nation. The project team has identified key fresh food targets for the 2020 year. These targets include Alberta’s beef producers, regional vegetable growers, pork producers and many more.

The collaborative nature of the Food Bank FRESH pilot project is illustrated through the opportunity to capture abundance, beyond one food bank’s capacity, and share amongst the group. Working together we will achieve the ultimate goal: More FRESH food for all Albertans visiting food banks.

Please visit to learn more about the initiative.

If you have questions or suggestions please reach out to:

Jaimee Larson, Regional Procurement Manager, Western Canada | 403-612-1168