Festive goals reached, but the work continues

Jan. 10, 2020

2019’s Festive Campaign has ended as a new year begins. We are happy to report that our campaign goals of $2 million and 370,000 kilograms of food were met. Thank you to everyone who supported us. We do not get government funding, so all of your acts of giving allow us to continue to help feed the community.

However, the work does not stop there, because we are more than just a holiday hamper. Our services are provided year-round redistributing food each and every day of the year. Every month, we serve over 22,000 people through our hamper program, a program whose numbers have increased by 50% between 2015 and 2018. The organization also provides food to more than 250 agencies, churches, schools, and food depots including Hope Mission, Bissell Centre, Crystal Kids, and Metis Child & Family Services.

Keep food at the top of mind in 2020, whether that’s growing an extra row of vegetables in your garden or holding a food drive. Our list of Most Needed Items can be your guide if you’re not sure what type of food to donate. Other ways to donate include giving monetarily right from your phone by texting FEEDYEG to 20222 and, if you are interested in the process and want to give your time, sign up to volunteer individually or as a group.

No donation is too small, because it all goes a long way in helping those that are hungry in our community.