Breaking Barriers

Feb. 15, 2022
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Enny came to Edmonton’s Food Bank looking for help during a difficult time in her life. Not only did she receive a healthy, nutritious food hamper, she obtained the tools necessary to begin removing barriers to self sufficiency.

Enny is a single mother living in Edmonton who was struggling to find work in her field as a Health Care Aide. When she picked up her hamper, she heard about the Beyond Food program offered at the Food Bank. This program connects people with resources to improve their current situation and reduce their dependency on emergency food supplies.

Beyond Food Coordinator, Wisam Abu Rajab, welcomed Enny into the program and offered several ways to help her stand out in the job market. They worked together to update her resume and practice job interview techniques.

When a position became available in her chosen profession, Wisam encouraged her to apply. Enny did not have the safety tickets required for this job so once again, the Beyond Food program came to her aid. By helping her prepare for the certification process, Enny acquired both tickets and landed the job.

Enny is currently busy with onboarding training but took a moment to send a message and stated, “I want to share my success story with you. Thank you to the wonderful staff of Beyond Food for their efforts in helping me get a good job.”

“This is one of many success stories,” says Wisam. “We are happy to help such pleasant, open-minded individuals like Enny and love to celebrate their accomplishments.”

Beyond Food helped Enny with her job search but this program has a lot more to offer. If you need assistance in areas such as English skills, math skills, budgeting, personal counselling, or affordable housing, please go to

We are here to help – all you have to do is ask.