AMA Shredding Wrap-Up for 2019

May 30, 2019

It was another successful year for Edmonton's Food Bank during AMA's annual shredding events. For 2019, AMA members donated a total of $17,533.50, along with 2,917 kilograms of food donated. Compared to last year, we raised over $5,000 more and 200 kilograms of more food was donated.

With these events, AMA encourages its members and non-members alike to be fraud-aware, to ensure that personal documents are properly stored or destroyed.

AMA’s Fill Our Fleet Campaign, was looking to raise $80,000 this year. The shredding events started 12 years ago and during that time, AMA has helped 93,000 AMA members dispose of their personal information safely. That equates to about 2,000 tonnes of paper!

If you are still thinking of donating, there's more information on Ways to Give.