Our Values

We value you ....


Service - Serving the Community.

We use our vision and mission to guide our programs and services. Working with a strong network of 300+ depots and other partner agencies, we respond to the immediate hunger needs in our community. We are both gleaners and distributors of food. We are flexible and can provide relief when an emergency or disaster strikes.

Our programming is reflective of community input and we are respectful of the skills and mandates of other organizations. We are committed to meeting the community’s demand for food while advocating for policy changes and longer-term solutions to hunger.

Our service is responsive and includes volunteer opportunities. These volunteer opportunities provide support to individuals and other community interests like Job Corps.

Commitment - Living the Mission.

We believe in our vision and mission. Our staff, volunteers and Board are passionate about our work and dedicated to the task-at-hand.

We actively promote the Food Bank in the community. We act as ambassadors and champions for the Food Bank.

Responsiveness - Listening and building relationships. Open to opportunity.

We are accessible. We are open to questions, feedback, and conversations. We respond to opportunities. We work collaboratively with others to collect food/funds, distribute food, and respond to the longer-term causes of hunger.

We develop continuously by increasing our knowledge, skills, and resources to undertake our role and responsibilities.

We care about and listen to others.

Innovation - Seeking change through innovation and creativity.

Using our creativity, we continuously improve and refine our programs and services. We are open to doing things differently and we are solution focused. With input from stakeholders, we act with intention and respond to opportunities.

We seek improvement and change through innovation. We use technology and partnerships to increase our efficiency and effectiveness. We manage change well.

We address both parts of our Mission: responding to both immediate needs and addressing the long-term causes of hunger. This work includes sharing client stories, providing information, and advocating on behalf of those who need our services.

Integrity - Modeling integrity and accountability.

Recognizing that we are accountable to donors, partners, and the broader community, we will act with integrity and honesty.

Our words and actions must match-up. The community (volunteers, donors, staff, community partners, and community members) should view us as appreciative, consistent, transparent, open, dependable, and trustworthy.

We follow-through on our commitments. Our messaging is honest and sincere as are the actions of staff, volunteers and the Board. We are committed to maintaining the Imagine Canada Standards Program and food safety standards at the highest level.

Fairness - Embracing equity.

We value diversity and inclusion. Everyone is welcome and treated with respect. Both from a partner and client perspective, we are reflecting the diverse nature of our community.

We use our resources to ensure the diverse food needs of the individuals and agencies coming to the Food Bank. We treat our clients and each other in a fair and equitable manner.