Have a Fund Drive

Monetary donations are our favourite nonperishable food item. In addition to a fundraiser at your school or workplace, consider donating food too!

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The goal of workplace and school giving should be as an engagement tool (for employees or youth) and motivation to do good for your community.

We are fortunate to be the charity of choice for many business and schools throughout Edmonton.


Online Fundraising Page

A Fundraising Page gives you the tools to tell your fundraising story, track your progress, and share it with coworkers and friends. Find instructions and a link to our CanadaHelps page below.

Creating A Fundraiser Start Fundraising
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Please contact our Resource Development Team if you need an electronic version of our logo to help promote your fund drive.

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Collect Bottles

Recycle your pop cans, or try SkipTheDepot, and donate the proceeds to the Food Bank.

Try SkipTheDepot!

50/50 or Raffle

Planning a 50/50 or raffle to raise funds, please review our AGLC requirements to help guide you.



Get the word out

Create public awareness by placing promotional items (like posters, flyers, information brochures, etc.) in areas such as lunchrooms or elevators to build awareness of your food drive. Internal newsletters, public address systems, or mass e-mails can build anticipation. Use social media such as Twitter or Facebook.

Go where the action is

Provide convenient drop-off points where people can leave their donations.

Be creative

Align your event with a pre-existing event, holiday, or observance. Reduced admissions or clever themes will help your drive become a success. But, don’t let us tell you how to throw a fundraiser – if you want to explore alternatives, we’re wide open for discussion.

Everyone likes a challenge

Make it interesting – try to create a friendly competition with co-workers or different classes. Challenge them to meet your contribution because everyone enjoys friendly competition for a good cause.