Give A Mask

Aug. 10, 2020
Give A Mask 01

For the foreseeable future, masks are a mandatory accessory that we all need to have when going inside public places. It’s just as important to have on your person like it is to carry your wallet. Wearing a face mask is helping all of us stay safe in this new normal and that’s why Edmonton’s Food Bank has partnered with They are a socially-conscious startup that sells Canadian-made cloth masks and donates one mask for every one sold. You can use the coupon code, Edmonton10, to receive 10% off the purchase of a mask. All of the masks purchased with this code will have mask donations sent directly to Edmonton’s Food Bank.

The reusable masks that are being donated to the Food Bank are being worn by regular volunteers and staff. Disposable masks are being disbursed directly to clients and our depot partners. In the long run, we hope to provide reusable masks to clients, volunteers, and partner agencies.

We would like to thank for donating reusable masks to us, to ensure the safety of everyone who works at and comes through Edmonton’s Food Bank and its depot partners.