Give 30

Inspired by Ramadan, Give 30 is a grassroots initiative against hunger and poverty.

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You don't have to fast or be Muslim to join the Give 30 movement.

Everyone is welcome based on a basic value: we are united by our common humanity!

COVID-19 has provided new challenges this past year for everyone in our community. Extraordinary challenges require extraordinary actions. Because of you, we are able to continue to do what we do best – feeding people and serving those in need

Ramadan is an excellent opportunity for all of us to build a more compassionate community through empathy for others. Regardless of faith, the spirit of Give 30 is universal. This year's campaign runs kicks off on April 6 and runs until August 31.

Give 30 has raised over $1,000,000 across Canada, the US, and Australia since it's grassroots beginnings in 2012. We hope to build on that success this year with your support. Get involved by donating to Give 30 campaign partner organizations, encouraging everyone you know to Give 30, and smile because you made a difference!

Learn more about the initiative by checking out:

Facebook: @Give30
Twitter: @Give_30